Damage to Tile Floor

My wife dropped a cast iron pot on the marble tile floor of our home. I called a contractor to remove and replace the damaged tile. After speaking with several reputable contractors, I learned that the tile was about 25 years old and was not available anymore.

One of the contractors suggested we file an insurance claim with our homeowner’s insurance, which we did. My insurance company sent some guy out to my home. He said he was an adjuster, but he never showed me any ID, nor did he give me a business card. He didn’t say much and after he left, I had no idea what his findings were. Two weeks later, the “carrier representative” said the tile could be repaired. The insurance company issued a letter that said the damage was “covered” but the cost to repair the damage was under my $2500.00 deductible.

Our neighbor recommended JS Marlin & Associates, so we called them. Within a short time after meeting them, they took over and immediately began the process of remedying our situation by invoking an appraisal clause in our policy. From that point, our claim was handled in a very professional manner, and more importantly, JS Marlin & Associates ended up settling the claim in appraisal. The final settlement amount was just North of 100K. Not too bad for a claim the insurance company said was below my deductible.

We highly recommend this company to anyone being pushed around by their homeowner’s insurance company.

Looking back, my wife and I both cannot imagine how we would have ever recovered had we not found these people to help us put our lives back together.

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